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Life is trip

Globo Profumatore - Profumatori ambiente - Profumatori ambiente in porcellana - Porcellana opaca - Porcellana Bisquit - Emò Italia

Give an emotion as a gift

Collezione Le blan - Porcellana Bianca - set da the in porcellana - teiere in porcellana - articoli da tavola in porcellana
Collezione Magnolia - Porcellana Bianca - set da the in porcellana - teiere in porcellana - articoli da tavola in porcellana




The water seems motionless yet the stones color it with reflections making look at alive, blurring its profiles in these fragments of ice

Collezione acqua - Cristalli, oggetti in cristallo, bottiglia per profumo in cristallo


An exclusive crystal line dedicated to the ones searching for the purity of the shapes. Bright, clear, colorless, crystal has the ability to break white light into the colors of the rainbow. It’s a sensual material, charming and charismatic, always synonymous of elegance, tradition and nobility.

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